Monday, October 13, 2008


It strange I think I forgot how to use this blogspot thingy, I cannot get the headlines on top of the picture well whatever. I really needed to blog and start pedicting things again. At first I thought I saw something for Lindsay and Sam but no it was really for the Pitts!

Yea, so this is Angie's year to win an Academy Award for best actress, it's been far too long. Isn't she like the bestest actress around? Yep and Clint Eastwood will win too for best director.

Anyway, now to the juicy salacious parts, well no not really, Angelina will not be having any more babies for three years. I think her and Brad want to kind of bond withe six children they've had these past 2 years--wow that's sounds so crazy! I want to say that she'll have another set of twins and this time they will be single sexed. I see little blond boys running around. There will be another adoption from Africa but that won't come till next year but just to reiterate those twins will be biological and not for the next 3 years. In my last post I mentioned a tragedy that will happen to the Pitt family in 3 years I believe I hope it doesn't involve these twin boys they will be having. Anyway toodles for now.

Please keep your Celebrity questions coming! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Psychic Predictions


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richard p. said...

I love Angelina
i want happiness in your life forever