Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Together Again??? Oh No!!!

I'm very happy to see these two together! John and Jen have the potential to actually get engaged--I can't believe I'm saying this. I posted on John being single forever awhile back and him needing an older and strong woman in his life and Jennifer Aniston just might be that lady. Gosh, I'm really sense that they've got a great connection albeit mostly sexual but sex is important in a relationship right??? We'll see more revelations in early November, I'm really hoping than Jen can get pregnant and finally have her child--but unfortunately this is all up to whether John can settle...


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Evelyn said...

r u outta ur mind serious these too are a disaster in the making. they will never get engaged shes not the type of women who can keep a guy yet john mayer hes highly intellegent ( altho lately not much) and shes a naive girl. he might screw her but not marry her she has self-esteam issues. and john likes a confident women. im sure the only reason they hooked up is becuz he didnt wanna spend his birthday alone....he will bump her again veeeeeeeeeery soon. i dunno or maybe they just had a friendly dinner i dunno its too soon to assume anything time will reveal......all we have to do is wait.