Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Madonna and A-Rod

I don't approve of extra-marital affairs but I can sense that Madonna and A-Rod are actually falling in love with each other and I am loving this couple. I am really hoping for a quickie marriage in Mexico or the Dominican Republic! Madonna's a Virgo and A-Rod is a Leo and although these two had no intentions of hooking up upon first meeting, it was inevitable that these two powerful figures in there respective careers could cross paths and not want to do the dirty to each other day and night, but there relationship is more than that. Madonna and A-Rod probably couldn't stand each other at first sight but it was/is a love that grew.

A-Rod is definitely hypnotizing Madonna with his spontaneity and spirituality (yea for real) and A-Rod sees Madonna as this intellectual and spirited successful woman. A-Rod is used to Gold diggers in his life especially his wife and Madonna is used to having the cash and power in her relationships. If these two get married I can assure you all that it will be a match made in Kabbalah heaven. What can I say opposites attract! So are babies in there future? not really, there child/children will come from third party avenues (whatever that means)

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Jenny said...

Why does celebrities change partners very easily. One minute they get married, the next minute, break up, then you find out that they are with some else already, all happening in a weeks time.

Amanda said...

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