Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kelly Rowland Posing for Playboy???!!!

Well it's being reported by Mediatakeout.com that Kelly Rowland formerly of the group Destiny's Child might be posing for Playboy. I'm posting on this because it was only a few days ago that me and a friend were having a conversation about why Kelly's singing career has not been as fruitful as Beyonce's. I said that "Kelly just doesn't have the X-factor and that she should probably go away for awhile" then my friend said well "she really isn't in the public eye so there was no need for her to go in exile". Then I said she should probably pose for Playboy but we both agreed that wouldn't do her any good either.

I'm kind of confused though, why is it that wash up old celebrity guys don't pose nude in Playgirl (I believe) but washed up celebrity women are always expected to pose nude or star in a sex tape to get there dignity back?

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