Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who's Next???

I'm sorry if I'm too harsh for some people but I am a psychic, I'm not suppose to sugarcoat things. Obviously Heath was living an unhealthy life and now his daughter and Michelle Williams (his ex) has to deal with his decisions (I'm sure he meant well). I find it disturbing how this is the second death in Hollywood in a week (Brad Renfro) when a brilliant young actor has succumbed to some addiction, these people are around mine and many readers of the blogosphere's age, it 's sad that they won't grow old with us.

Who's next? Britney is high up on the list and so is Amy Winehouse but unfortunately Hollywood is only a reflection of what's happening in todays society. Britney nor Amy will overdose and die this year but let's all take a look in the mirror and help the Britney's and the Amy's in our lives.



Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be so mean. There are people out there who really feel the loss. Show some respect over his family, friends and fans. You don't even know if it was suicidal. I'm quite sure you're a grown up person, behave like one. Don't waste your time on this. If you want to read the future, become a "gitana" or, whatever.

Liz said...

"Obviously leading an unhealthy life"? How the heck do you know what kind of life he was leading? Why don't you just wait for the autopsy like everyone else before maligning the dead.