Friday, January 04, 2008


While I do not want to sensationalize an already sensationalized story, I don't want people to start counting down the days of Britney. My spirit feels bad for her and I wish that the majority of people would look at her as an ill person and not as a villain. People are too harsh nowadays. But I do genuinely feel that Britney will get better--it won't happen in this year but things will ease up for her in July. I don't sense that she will ever get those kids back full-time. This is her wake-up call though, I am tempted to say that we won't be seeing Britney at Starbucks and gas stations for a while.

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j said...

I'm happy that you feel she's going to get better - I'm really rooting for her. I feel terrible that she gets so much negative publicity - it's a part of what's driving her mad right now. As one overwrought fan declared on YouTube: "Leave Britney alone!" Give her some space and she'll move in the right direction. I think it's terrible what Federline and his lawyer are doing - I feel like they are drumming up drama (suggesting she would kill her own children and having police sent to her home).