Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cameron Diaz is a Spinster???

Yes, she is only 35 y/o but with a string of long term relationships that went no where near the alter methinks Cammie may be up to no good. In the late 90's to even now Cameron has been that woman that so many other women dream of being, she's beautiful, down to earth and she has a sense of humor--Well why ain't she married? Her problem is that she puts on a vibe like she doesn't need a man and being a tomboy doesn't help either. In her past relationships she runs thing and makes decisions for her and her man and that can be a turn-off for the guys she's dating. Unfortunately she hasn't come to the realization that her attitude is a turn-off but...

What kind of men should she date then? She needs to date an up and comer, someone who is not into the Hollywood scene and who would like to settle down with a wife and kid. I have a feeling Cameron is up to something though and it's smells really good. This new guy she will be seeing is a definite keeper. We'll be seeing them out and about in July. He's a Blondie too.


Mr. Paparazzi

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