Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wrap-up 2008

I am afraid that I am getting no romantic vibes coming from Reese and Jake. I am sure there are somewhat in love and like to be in each others arms at night but I do not see their relationship making any major waves for 2008. I do think they are cute though.

As for Katie's spending, Tom must love to have someone spend his money. He's got more money than me and most people will ever see--his wife needs to spend it! It seems as though Katie has grown a bit cold though--the paparazzi may be to blamed.

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Anonymous said...

The reason why you are getting "no romantic vibes" between Reese and Jake is that there is no real fire between them, except a deep friendship. Why is there no real fire? Jake isn't straight (and I think you got that but held back saying it for some reason). Reese would have to be a man for there to be real fire in thtat relationship.

Happy 2008.