Saturday, December 22, 2007

Queen Latifah Staying in the Closet???!!!

The whole world is holding their breath to see when the heck Queen Latifah will finally announced that she is a lesbian. Her and her "personal trainer" Jeanette Jenkins have been together for years and I actually saw the two a couple years ago at the U.S. opens and I tell that they were doing more than just push-ups at the "gym".

Unfortunately the atmosphere isn't right as yet for the Queen to make her entrance. I predict that in the early spring of 2009 she will come out of the closet. I am curious to know which Presidential Candidate she supports, because the next election will gauge how and when she comes out.

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Anonymous said...

But...But...But, Queen Latifah is LESBIAN and can't have BABIES with her girlfriend and according to your IDIOT mindset, people aren't worth anything unless they're straight and cranking out kids, even if they're babies themselves.