Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jessica Alba--Going Against the Stars!!!

I am not shocked that Jessica is gonna have a baby by this guy--whatever his name is,I expected it PERO Jessica better not marry him--he's so not the one. But a baby is a great career move.

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Anonymous said...

How is having a baby a great career move? Honestly, your obsession with babies (oh, the real ones, not the fake-adopted babies--idiot) makes me think you have been transported from the 1957 Eisenhauer era (where a woman's mission in life was to be a good breeder and a wife) to the present-day. Having a baby has nothing to do with career motives--unless of course, you want to stall your career for awhile as you care for a baby.

By the way, having a baby is not for every single woman in this universe and that includes heterosexual women. I know: It's SO SHOCKING!!!