Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why did She Marry Him?

Another sperm donor, when Michelle Williams decided to marry this dirt bag by the name of Heath Ledger I wish I was one of her friends to talk some senses into her. What the hell was she thinking? I believe she fell in love with his character in brokeback mountain--nothing else. Then he slowly shed his skin like a snake. After this divorce is final I don't see him marrying or having anymore kids. Heath sucks.


Anonymous said...

wow, did you know him? kinda harsh considering the recent news. Either way...just totally disrespectful. my thoughts are with his daughter but not because she was robbed of her father but because she needs positive reinforcements to help get over this tragedy, and to have a loving and healthy life! She has lots to live for, and comments like this could really hurt her. careful what you say...that's both her parents your talking about.

Anonymous said...

This is just not right....i don't know whether you really meant that you didn't see anything 'futuristic' about Heath. God, i still very much hope that i will hear about Heath Ledger being alive when i wake up tomorrow morning...please ?